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Showing more infos in defect overview



similar to Filtering on defect overview, but I don’t wanted to populate that with an additional request.

I like to see in addition to the status of a defect, also its priority. It is relevant to know whether a test is failing/blocked because of a minor/trivial issue or of a blocker as this has a big impact on the decision of a completed test run.

Also the assignee of the issue would be nice, as this allows to see direct whether an issue unassigned or to a person, that already is quite busy etc.

I know that this information is already available via hovering over individual issues, but having this information in the overview directly allows a way better overview / filtering

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, Andreas! We already had this on our feature request list and we are happy to look into this for a future version. You can view additional details by hovering over the issue IDs but I understand that having this directly as part of the tables would be even better.