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Showing Milestone + Sub-Milestone in same field



Loving having sub-milestones in 5.3. We are structuring our test runs now by Release (Milestone) > Sprint (Sub Milestone) > Test Plan > Test Runs.

Currently we are putting the milestone field for test cases to the Sub-Milestone level, this is great except when we have our testers reviewing cases they only see “Sprint #” and not the Release.

We would like the Milestone column in read view to say something like “Milestone > Sub Milestone” or “1.2 > Sprint 1”.

The obvious workaround(s) are putting the release name in the sub-milestone level or use filtering to further specify what shows up but we would much rather have it all done through the software.

Is this something possible for a future release or would be able to be accomplished through User Scripts?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your posting and feedback :slight_smile: Yes, I agree that this makes sense, especially in those places where the parent milestone is not displayed. The workaround of adding the name of the parent milestone to the sprint name sounds like a good option in the meantime but we are happy to look into supporting this on TestRail’s side directly. It’s not really possible to customize this with a UI script unfortunately.