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Show the sum of tests in subsections at a parent section



I already mentioned that in a support email, but I post this again here, as it might be of interest for others too.

Currently the overview of a section shows only the number of test(cases) inside this particular section. This is the case for the suite view, test run view and when selecting a selection of test cases when setting up a test run.

It would be great, if the section can also show the total number of test cases inside it - aka from its subsection.

SECTION_1 (0 / 4) |___SECTION_2 (2 / 2) |________TEST_1 |________TEST_2 |___SECTION_3 (1 / 2) |________TEST_3 |________SECTION_4 (1/1) |____________TEST_4 (1/1)

and it should support filtering. So the numbers reflect the current filtering. This would improve significantly the overview of

  • selection test cases for a test run (the current ui makes it hard to see, whether actually all cases are included in the subsections, whether there are empty sections or there is only a subset of all test cases included)

  • test run. When filtering in a test run like “show all untested”, it is hard to figure out how many we actually have for one section (e.g. a feature) - one must sum them individually

  • test cases. When a manager asks the simple question “how many test cases have we for feature X, product X”, again cannot be directly identified, when grouped in sections.

Thanks and cheers


Thanks for your feedback, Andreas! Yep, we already have this and related features on our feature request list and other customers have asked for this before. It’s difficult to show all possible details and this can add a lot of noise to the UI but I understand that this information would be useful to have and it’s already planned to look into this.