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"Show in Process Flow" option


Really pleased with the general speed and responsiveness of SmartInspect. However, with lots of processes we find the numbers in the “Process ID” and “Thread ID” columns unwieldy and hard to comprehend.

How about a new right-click option when selecting a log entry, called “Show in Process Flow window”. This would then set focus to that process’s entry in the Process Flow window, making it easy to cross navigate back and forth.

Alternatively, add an option to show the Name of the process in these columns instead of some arbitrary number.

A third option is to add a “Jump to Process #” search feature in the Process Flow window.

Any of these three would make life so much easier navigating several hundred processes!


Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your posting. Have you thought about using the Application and Session columns in the Console to quickly recognize which application and application module generated the respective log entries? Especially the Application column should be helpful in this regard.

But I can see that having the thread and process names directly in the columns could be useful. A way to jump to the process flow entry would be an alternative, too, as you already mentioned.

The only problem I see with this is that a process ID and thread ID combination could be ambiguous (the same process ID and thread ID could be used multiple times in the log by different applications).

Using the time and hostname information as additional data could solve this, though. We will take a look at it and I added it to our feature request list. Thanks for the suggestion!


We actually have all these processes coming from one application/session I’m afraid.

So if I’m looking at a log entry and I want to know which thread produced it, I have to manually scan down the list of processes. I find this manual user activity takes up most of my time analysing logs, and the cost/benefit ratio of a faster solution would seem to be high.

Thanks for taking it on board!



Hello Daniel,

We implemented it in the meantime (in a similar way to your first suggestion) and really like the new feature. It will be added to the upcoming SmartInspect 2.3 release. If all goes well with the testing, the new version will probably be out by next week.


Found the new options under the Navigate menu… they’re perfect! Thanks for the shortcuts :slight_smile: