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Shouldn't the button in a test plan be 'add test run' instead of 'add test suite'

Just started using TestRail recently and like it so far but I’m also explaining to colleagues how we would like to use TestRail. This includes the use of test plans and test runs. Now When you create a test plan you have a button ‘Add Test Suite’ but you’re not actually adding a suite, you’re adding a run based on a suite. Shouldn’t the button be ‘Add Test Run’? Then in the next screen where you select the suite the text is ‘Select the test suite to add to this test plan.’, this could then be something like ‘Select the test suite on which the run is based, This test run is then added to this test plan.’
I know it’s a minor thing but it could clarify the use of runs in plans.


Hey Hugo,

Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for the feedback (any feedback, minor / major is welcomed here :slight_smile: )

Also, could you please send me the screenshot where you saw ‘Add Test Suite’ instead of ‘Add Test Run’ ?


Hi Shanu,
When I click the 'Add test plan button in the Test Runs & Results section it opens the following screen. This is where I see the button ‘Add Test Suite’. Obviously same goes for when you would edit a test plan. Hope this helps.

Hi Hugo,
this is already a real old discussion…

I’m really with you, I had to explain and vinticate this to a lot of different teams, testmanagers and business users.
I already thought about using a ui-script to change it, but finally decided not to do so.
Adding a suite means to create a run with selected cases from one suite. By this it was usually possible for me to explain the fact, a run consist of cases from one suite only.

Just a personal opinion… :face_with_monocle:


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