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Shortcut keys for tests "a" and "m"



I’ve really been enjoying using the short cut keys to add results in test rail, but I am a bit confused by the shortcut keys “a” and “m”.
From what I know one is for assigning the test to a user and the other is used to comment or attach documents. But they seem to do the same thing, depending on if you choose to assign the test to someone or just leave a comment. Are they doing the same thing?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Dani,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, they basically do the same and the shortcuts just open the dialog with different defaults (e.g. m activates the Comment field by default and a the Assign To field instead). But both shortcuts support the same fields and you can also use a to add a comment or file, for example.



Thanks for the clarification :smiley:


You are welcome, Dani, happy to help :slight_smile: