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Sharing Test Cases between projects


I have created a number of test cases and suites in project A and when I create a new project B I want to take them test cases out and add them as they use a very similar template and alot of the tests can be recycled for the new project.

Is this possible and if so how?


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your posting. You can copy test cases across projects via the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog (behind the icon with two sheets of paper when viewing a case repository):

Sharing cases is not directly possible. Often times it make sense to use a single project instead of multiple projects and this is a much more flexible approach and allows you to reuse test cases, or create runs/reports for the entire case repository.

I hope this helps!



Hi all,

Me and my team are using TestRail for 2 month now.
I was hoping it would be possible to share test cases between projects but it appears to be impossible.
I’ve contacted TestRail support on that point and they told me that this was a feature requested by many users. I really hope they will add this in a next update. This would be really useful for my workflow.
Thanks !!