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Sharing Report and Editing of existing reports


Hi, we are using Test Rail as trail version and I am having following questions.

  1. Unable to receive “share reports” through Share Report functionality. we have provided valid email address and clicked on “Share” button. Getting “Successfully shared the report via email.” But didn’t receive an email. Can you please help me to solve this one.

  2. Unable to edit the reports which are already created previously. can you please let me know how to edit reports.


Hi Laxmikanth,

Thanks for your posting! If TestRail confirms that the email was sent but you didn’t receive it, then it may be a spam issue and we would recommend checking your spam/junk folder. If possible, we would recommend adding and to your email whitelist.

Reports are run only once but you can create a copy with the exact configuration and settings with the Create Similar button. This will open the Add Report form again with the same settings as the other report. Once you save the report, it will be created/rendered within a few minutes or less.



Hi Tobias, Thanks for your answers.

I have added and to my company email whitelist.
I have given my company Email ID and personal email id and clicked on Share button. I got a message “Successfully shared the report via email.”, but i have received email to my personal email id and not to company email id. I have checked in Spam/Junk folder of company inbox, but I didn’t receive an email.
I have checked my personal email. Report is displaying as attachment with Zip format.

Can you deliver report on a single page and not as an attachment?


Hi Laxmikanth,

This looks like a filter on your company’s email server and it may disallow the email due to the attachment. You can alternatively just send a link to the report in TestRail (“Email a link to the report” option) and view the report directly in TestRail (this requires a TestRail user account).



Hi. I am having the same issue here. Basically from the point we started using TestRail, about a year ago, sharing reports as attachment via email did not work. TestRail says it has been sent, but nothing ever comes to email. (yes I have checked spam and any other folders/filters i might have).

I tried using my private and company emails, both on Gmail but it never works. I would be grateful if this could be resolved so I can start sharing reports like this to stakeholders and management. Thanks


If you are sending from within Test Rail have you checked the logs in the Administration tab to see if there are any errors? In the Site Settings tab (in Administration area) allows you to send a test email to make sure the settings are correct.


Unfortunately, I do not have access to any logs in the Administration panel. Nor do I have option to send email under Site Settings. All I have under site settings considering “Email” is Email tab with single checkbox to enable email notifications. That is all.


Your company has Gurock host TR - correct? Things might be a bit different than our self hosted install. In the Admin section there should be a System log section but if it is hosted by Gurock then it might be best to open a ticket with them…

I would think that even with a Gurock hosted install there should still be logs and email options so you would not have to go thru Gurock for this type of issue. I don’t think there are levels of Administrator in TR - if an Administrator then the person has access to all of Administration evn is Gurock hosted.

Sorry I could not be more help.


Thanks BGanger. Yes, we use cloud solution, hosted with Gurock. I will contact them trough the ticket system, although someone might respond here as well from their team.

No logs under admin section. I can only see basic metadata for our hosted instance such as test rail version or database version and such, but nothing more advanced than that.


A more verbose log may need to be enabled - I think we can do that with our install by editing the php file.