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Sharing milestones across multiple projects


Is there a way to share milestones across multiple projects? Currently all I am able to figure out milestones can only be used within its own project.


Hello Smita,

Thanks for your posting. This is currently not supported but it would be great if you could share a few more details on what you are trying to accomplish. I’m happy to suggest the best ways to implement this then.



The question and answer is more than year old, that is why I would like to ask if sharing milestones across multiple projects was possibly enabled? The way we see the use of it on our project is to have separately server-side and desktop-side test documentation marked like two different projects (we would use the notion of project). Usually our sprint includes both server and desktop tasks and as a result it would be good to be able to track one milestone instead of 2.



Thanks for your posting and my apology for the delayed response. Sharing milestones between projects is not available. That said, I would recommend looking into using a single project in TestRail for your scenario and just using different test suites (collections of test cases) to differentiate between your server- and desktop-side tests. You can then simply assign your test runs and plans to a single, common milestone. Would this work for you?