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Shared Steps Features?


There are a few topics in the forums that talk about this but they are over a year old. I was wondering if there were any extra work done on shared steps in test plans?


Hi Okami,

Thanks for your posting! We currently don’t have an update regarding this feature but it’s still planned to look into this. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. As mentioned in the other threads, you can also add the steps to base cases, for example, and then reference those cases via the [C17] syntax in the text fields.

I hope this helps!



What does C17 do exactly? and how long before it’s actually fully implemented. I think it’s been atleast 2-3+ years since it was first asked for


[CXX] creates a link to a specific case. So if you have a Case with an ID of C100 and you want to reference that case in case C200 then you can create a link in case 200 by typing ‘[C100]’ (w/o quotes) in case 200 (Preconditions/Testing Steps/Results etc…). Once saved a link will be created and if you click on the link then case 100 will be displayed.


Problems are:

  • Case name isn’t shown
  • case details not expanded when printing test details


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback, I just added a comment to the other thread: