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Shared Resources


What strategies are people using for shared resources?

We’ve very quickly hit 2 situations in which we’d like to point at shared resources (preferably managed within TestRail) from within a test case.

The first is a shared piece of text, possibly to be used as a shared set of pre-conditions for a number of tests. The second one is a spreadsheet (probably other attachment types in the future).

I assume others have faced this problem and I’d like to hear how they’ve solved it.

Many thanks,


Hello Martin,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using “base cases” to reuse data across test cases. You can simply reference other test cases in the rich-text boxes (via [C###]). You can use this technique to link to test cases to share text (such as preconditions as you mentioned) or also link to other test cases with attachments etc. Would this work for you?



Many thanks, will give this a try.


Thanks for the update, Martin, sounds good. Please let us know in case any questions come up then, we are happy to help.