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Shared content for several test cases


I am currently evaluating TestRail, thus may now be aware of all the features yet.
I wonder if there is a possibility to share the steps / preconditions / custom field content across test cases. The very simple example might be ‘Ghost steps’ known from TestLink.

Consider following scenario:
There is an ‘Add data’ feature, and my intention is to have separate test case to cover several variations of the data to be added. Apart from the data input, all other steps to reproduce remains the same. How could I avoid copying all the test cases and facilitate maintenance (i.e. if the flow change in the future, I’d like to update this in one place rather than in all test case separately)?


Hi Rado,

Thanks for your posting. You can copy/duplicate (or move) test cases but sharing steps between cases is currently not possible. That’s a feature request that’s already on our list of things to look into but we can also recommend looking into the copy/duplicate feature (you can copy cases via drag & drop on the Test Cases tab). An alternative is to reference other test cases via the [C###] syntax (e.g. [C17]) and this is automatically replaced by TestRail with a link to the case.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the response. Referencing test cases via the markup is definitely a step into good direction. I would be much more happy though if it not only turned into link, but also pasted the content of test case.

Copy/duplicate is also a great feature, however it does not help when it comes to updating the core path (my tests are based on flow paths).

I’ve found other threads on the forum pointing on the same feature request. Adding my vote and fingers cross you’ll address this in any soon.



Hi Rado,

Yes, I understand that having sharing cases (or steps) would be an improvement and it’s planned to look into this. Thanks again for your feedback, really appreciated!



Can I reference a step in the same test case?
For example; in step 12 of the same test case, I would like to reference (create a link much like [C####] ) to step 2 in the same test case.