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Setting up Predecessors


We have a tremendous amount of testing to do and some of the test scenarios rely on earlier test scenarios being completed. Is it possible to set up predecessors (i.e. this test case cannot be started until Test Case #4 is complete)


Not really - what I did was number the cases in the title. In the Preconditions of the case you can add in a reference to the previous case using the [C#####] to create a link with a notice that the case in the link needs to be completed first.


Hi there,

Thanks for your post! As @BGanger mentioned, the best approach would be to handle this organizationally by using the Preconditions field (or a separate custom field) to implement this process. We’re also happy to look into this type of feature for a future update. Hope this helps!



As far as I know it is not a very good way to set test precondition dependong on any previous or other tc! If your testing is done within team 5-10qa’s a case might deleted and your dependency is broken!

What you might do - is set a blocked status in the case that depends on others, so it would become unblocked after executing these other cases.

Thank you