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Setting the units for the estimate field for exported test cases


Is there a way to set the unit (seconds, minutes…) for the estimate column for exported test cases? Currently it defaults to seconds, which seems to be an odd choice for a default value (minutes anyone?).



Hi Chris,

Thanks for your posting. Estimates and other timespan fields are currently always exported as seconds but the import is more flexible with this (which supports the same format as the user interface). Which export do you use (CSV/Excel or XML)?



Hi Tobias,

We use CSV/Excel, and copy the values to test documents. I am curious as to why seconds was chosen as the default unit. In my 8+ years of software QA, I have never tracked or heard of others tracking test execution in seconds. If it is done that way, then the output is at least converted to minutes and seconds.

Appreciate the response



Hi Chris,

TestRail just stores the time spans as seconds internally for the highest precision. This can also be useful for test automation results, for example. Seconds are also the usual format you would store this in databases (e.g. timestamps are also usually stored in seconds). In TestRail’s UI you would see representations in the unit it makes most sense, usually in minutes. The export formats include the full details so you can actually process the raw data. You can simply recalculate the data to minutes if you prefer this.