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Setting configurations globally


I really like the “Select Configurations” feature of TestRail, but unless I’m misunderstanding how this is used, there is no way to create a set of configurations that apply globally to all products. So if I have 10 web software projects that I have to test on all the same browsers, I have to create 10 different sets of “Browser” configurations, one for each product, and of course maintain 10 different sets if/when new browsers and versions come out.

Is there a way the configuration profiles can be set & maintained on a global level?



Hello Curtis,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, configurations cannot be managed globally currently and you would need to configure this separately for each of your projects. I’ve added this to our feature request list for now, thank you.



Hi Tobias !

1 Year and 1 Day later, global configurations are still needed;).
Do you know when this feature will be implemented?



Hello Philip,

Now that the 4.0 is available, we will make sure to review the backlog of features for the next TestRail versions again. We currently don’t have this on our short-term list but it’s definitely planned to make it easier to manage configurations for multiple projects (maybe by copying configurations or global configurations).