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Setting Assign To as mandatory

Hi all. I can set as required/mandatory custom test result fields; however how can I set to mandatory pre-set fields such as the “Assigned To” field in the test case results? I can’t find a way to do it.

Hi Ymmannuelle,

Thanks for the post! The ‘Assign To’ field is a system field which cannot be modified at this time. However, I do see where this would be useful and I have added a feature request to review being able to change some of this field’s properties, such as making it required.

In the meantime, you may be able to accomplish this with a UI script, which does require some JavaScript, CSS, and HTML knowledge. While we wouldn’t be able to help with the specific implementation of the script, you would be able to find example scripts using the link above and by searching the forum.

Hope this helps!

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I don’t understand why you can’t help with this specific case since the field in question is pre-set / default. :grin:

Hi Gavril,

I apologies for any inconvenience that this missing feature may cause you. At this time the “Assign To:” field is a back-end system field of which the original intent is to not make this editable . Additionally when fields are set to “required” in TestRail, this only means they require data input (where there would be none). But what you are asking for here is a check for data change. TestRail doesn’t currently have this kind of field requirement and we would be glad to look into adding this capability.

As Jon has mentioned, while we don’t have a professional services team to make an example script. It would be possible to use TestRail’s UI Scripting ability to add this feature. Depending on how mission critical this is to have, unfortunately, currently you would need to spend he development time set this up.