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Set up TestRail to automatically take action when Sprint is closed from Jira

I didn’t find a way to do some things, maybe not currently possible, and if so, I think they would add value to TestRail …

  1. Is there a way to configure reports to be generated when the Test run when the Sprint is closed from Jira?
  2. Is there a way to configure the Test run to automatically close when the Sprint is closed from Jira?

Hi @bruqin,
it would at value to JIRA to do so as well.
TestRail offers the way to trigger your actions:

  1. Run a predefined report by id via api
  2. Close a given test run (plan as well) via api.

IMHO TestRail has done it’s job. If you want to trigger it based on an action in JIRA, Jira simply needs to call the API.

You can check a webhook and implement a kind of event listener.

Add: But don’t ask to re-open a run just because it is possible to re-open a sprint in JIRA.