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Set up Test Cases for multiple consumers

I am new to Test Rail, just getting started :slight_smile: We have an application that will be used by multiple consumers (currently 3). Each consumer’s application experience is customized.

I’m setting up my Test Case library with all test cases from our master list, which is currently in the 400-500 range. These test cases include each consumer’s customization, so some may apply to all, some cases may apply to just one.

We see ourselves having multiple testers performing many tests while we get up and running on our new QA procedures. I set up my Project as a single Repository. I’ve set up one Test Plan with multiple Test Runs (one for each consumer). Each Test Run has multiple Testers, so I used the Configurations option to give each Tester their own identical Test Run.

With that background given, my question is - is there anyway to flag my Test Cases so that I can initially filter the ones that apply to a particular consumer? I know there is a filter option for many of the test case properties, but I don’t see one that would give the option to assign in this way, so it could belong to multiple consumers? This would allow me to initially remove any irrelevant test cases automatically before selecting test cases for the run. Has anyone run into a similar situation and have advice for me?
Thanks in advance!

You can create a custom field on the case, check here.
I would suggest a Multi-Select field with entries for each consumer.
By this a case might be used by n consumers.
This field can be used for any filter.

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Thanks so much! worked like a charm.