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Set TestCase status back to "untested"?


Hi there,

we are just about to start our next QA phase. Unfortunately I allready know, that some things are not working yet.

Therefore I would like to change some TC states to “blocked”.
As soon as the known problems are solved, I would like to change the state back to “untested”.
Unfortunately I cannot chose “untested” from the TC states?

So what do you suggest ?


For anyone who is interested: here is what I did to solve this.

  • i set up a custom called “open”, which means “untested”
  • i changed all “untested” test cases to “open”
  • i changed all blocked test cases to “blocked”
  • as soon as the issue that blocks the test cases is solved, i change the test case status back to “open” --> this is to trigger the tester to begin testing

The only issue i have with this is that in the Test Run / Test Plan pie chart the status “open” is not interpreted as “untested”. Therefore the pie chart statistic says “no untested” test cases.

That is fine for me as I do my reporting in excel anyway.



Thanks for your posting and my apology for the delayed response. We usually recommend using the Retest status in this case. I.e., setting the tests to Blocked at first and as soon as the tests are testable, you would set them to Retest.

Using a custom status for this is also fine of course.



And would “retest” be counted as “untested” in the pie charts ?


It wouldn’t, but it would also not contribute to the overall percentage of the test run/plan so this behaves similar to Untested. Using Retest (or a custom status) also has the advantage that you can differentiate between Untested and Blocked/Retest if this may be needed.



I would also like this feature. It seems overly restrictive to prevent the users setting a test back to untested. In our current system, I have wanted to do this several times. I know that I can set this to “retest” but this doesn’t help in my situation. If there a custom UI script that would allow me to do this. Seems like it should be pretty straightforward.


Hello Gerry,

Thanks for your feedback on this. I’ve added another vote to this feature request. Using a UI script wouldn’t be possible because the backend doesn’t have support for setting a test to untested again. We still recommend using the workflow of using the Retest status currently.



Hey Tobias,

Just throwing in the fact that I would also like this feature. Sometimes while configuring test runs I set things to n/a or blocked and them immediately want to set some of them to untested.

I’ve been setting them to retest as a solution, but this doesn’t feel accurate. I don’t think it would hurt to give users the option to set as untested, provided the test case still shows previous statuses.


Thanks for your feedback on this as well. I’ve added another vote, thanks!




I would also like to have the feature. Because this topic is rather old, I would like to know if the feature will maybe released in one of the next TestRail releases.



Thanks for your feedback. It’s planned to make this more flexible/customizable but we currently don’t have an estimate for an update that adds this feature. Setting a status back to untested is not a frequent action in our experience and there’s almost always a better way to implement this. For example, Retest is a status that is often a good fit in these cases and this indicates a) that some testing has already been done but b) that the testing is not complete. This provides more information about a test than setting this back to untested and also makes it easier to distinguish these tests from regular untested tests in the run/plan statistics.



Hi Tobias,

I think (at least in our experience) one of the biggest problems with using a custom status or a retest status is the way it impacts reports. A perhaps more general request to allow us to say how custom statuses show up in reports would be more helpful. For example we often have a status “Not Applicable” (custom status) since sometimes our test cases may not apply at the time or in general for this specific run but this keeps from a 100% pass rate. I would love to have the option to say that test cases set to “Not Applicable” (custom status) do not show up in the pass/fail chart.



Hello John,

Thanks for your reply. Yep, it’s already planned to make this more flexible and this has been requested before. We definitely plan to review this for a future version and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. For “Not Applicable” or similar statuses, we would usually recommend removing those tests from the case selection instead so they wouldn’t be included in the stats at all. But we understand the request and would like to see this in the product as well (it’s a complex feature and touches nearly every area in TestRail, so this needs careful planning).

Thanks again!



Please allow test cases to be set back to ‘untested’.
It is very annoying when incorrect test case has been set to passed and we have no way to set it back to untested.


Thanks for your feedback, happy to add another vote!



Hi all :slight_smile:

I agree with @QATest1. It would be very good if this option can be chosen. Sometimes, by accident. you set results to wrong cases, which weren’t tested at all. In this case untested status would be the best.

Thanks, Wojtek


Thanks for your feedback, Wojtek!



I could really use this feature :slight_smile:


I’d like to +1 this feature request as well


Thanks for your feedback you two :slight_smile: