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Set Test Step Result based on formula (computation of result)


We test hardware as much as software, and this occasionally creates a test the involves reading a sensor value. I request a new feature in TestRail where I, as the test designer, could require the input of that value, and then have the test case itself (not the tester) assess the value in a mathematical formula as to Pass/Fail.

For example, if Sensor Value is read as “X”, then Testrail might evaluate X >1.3, and since X is 3.4, the test passes. If X had been 1.1, the test would have been declared a failure by Testrail. Such a feature should include testing for the value X to be in a range (e.g,. X >1.3, but <3.0 is a pass, and outside those values, either high or low, is considered failing).

If there’s not enough interest to justify adding this to the product, perhaps my objective is achievable via UI customization?