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Set Rolling Maximum Message Limit On Console


Hi, after using the console on one of our server environments and leaving it open for a long period of time it began consuming a large amount of memory. It looks like this may be due to the console keeping all messages received. It would be a great feature have an option to set a rolling queue of messages so that older messages are purged while newer messages enter the console window. This would allow me to leave the console up without the fear of running out of memory. I am already logging the messages to disk elsewhere so the console is only there to see what is going on in real-time.



Thanks for the suggestion. There’s currently no such functionality but it’s already on our feature request list.

What you could do is to open the Console selectively only in those cases when you really want to take a look at the data – and keep the Console closed otherwise. This only shows the live data when your Console is opened and you would need to consult the log files for inspecting older log messages, of course.

Another option would be to clear the log from time to time, either manually or by sending a ClearAll message from the application.

Of course, having a message limit and auto-purge feature in the Console would be more convenient and we will consider it for a future version.



Hi Tobias,
Just wanted to keep this one on the radar while it is easy to shut the console down and/or clear the messages, I and other team members keep leaving the console up and forget about it. We usually find out about it later after it chews up all the memory on a particular machine.
Many Thanks



You can also clear the Console programmatically with the ClearAll method from your application from time to time (instead of clearing it manually). Not the optimal solution in all cases, but we will definitely consider adding a message limit directly to the Console.