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Set global table display settings?


is there any way to set global table display settings?
I want several custom fields to be displayed for all users by default on the tabs Test Cases and Test Runs & Results.

Thanks in Advance.

When custom fields are created you can deterime what Project they are valid for and can even assign it to a specific test case template.

Hi BGanger,

thanks for your reply. I did not mean the assigned fields for projects here but the display options for the tables, no matter if custom or standard fields. Right now every user configures her/his own column display options and it needs to be set for every project we create anew. I now have found this post on it so seems it is not implemented yet. Would be great if it happened in the near future though!



Thanks for the feedback. Your vote has been added.


Yes - that would be nice to have - sorry for any confusion I may have caused… :wink:

Shanu - please include my vote as well… :slight_smile:

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Sure thing. :slight_smile: