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Set default test case template per project

Our TestRail installation has recently been upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2 (TestRail v. to be precise).
Our admins have created two test case templates, one that uses steps and one that uses gherkin type fields which we call BDD, the default template is the basic test case with steps template. We have a roughly 50:50 split between projects using the two templates.
The problem that we are now experiencing is that for all projects that have already used the fields now added to the BDD template, we can no longer see those fields as the global default is now the testcase with steps template which does not inlcude those fields. We can fix this by doing a bulk change on a per test suite basis to set the template. It is not ideal but its better than having to do every test manually.

What I would like to know is there a way to set the defaiult test template to use at a per project level, and if so how?

If this is not possible then this should be part of a feature to define how fields are applied per project rather than the current implementation of apply projects to use fields on a per field basis.


Can I put a +1 on this request. Would be interested to hear any other work arounds too.

Hi Tom, Mark,

Thanks for your postings. It’s currently not possible to set a default template per project (only globally) but we are happy to look into this. We understand that this makes sense in certain situations and we are happy review this, thanks for your feedback!



Add my vote for setting the default template for particular project.


Thanks for your feedback, Didzis!


A very definite yes please to this one!


Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your vote to the request!


I would also like to see this feature working soon :wink:

hi @gsch

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve added your vote to the request, and we are still exploring adding project-level default templates in a future update to TestRail.

For now, it is possible to set up a UI Script that would automatically select a template when creating an issue. You can find an example of the script in this forum thread. Please note, the example given references a specific project and template ID, so some customization may be necessary, and you would need to update or duplicate the script to set different defaults across separate projects.

Excellent solution. This solves my problem! :ok_hand:

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I tried the UI customization script suggested in the thread. The script is able to default the test case to the desire template (i.e., the correct template is selected). However, fields specific to the template doesn’t get rendered. I had to manually select the template from the drop-down to trigger the rendering. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

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I’m having the same problem as dhuang. Did anyone find a solution?

+1 for the ability to set default templates per project.