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Session Activation


Hi Tobias,

Another idea: colud very usefull if with sic file i could activate/deactivate other session.
Actually i use sessions for different areas of program (database/interface and so on).
Te actual limit of Si is that the logLevels are the same for all and i cannot send a custom .sic file to my customer to activate a specific session.

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

Thanks for the suggestion about configuring sessions at runtime via configuration files and adding log levels to the session classes. I added it to our feature request list and we will see if it makes it into the 2.1. Thanks again.


Also, would it be possible to build a hierarchy of “sessions” to span a tree? This would be very helpful when configuring certain branches of a tree, e.g.

  app - warning
  app.ui - Normal
  app.ui.moduleA.classA - Debug
  app.db.moduleB - Debug