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Seperate Tab for Test Plans


Hi, very new to Test Rail, but one question / feature request.

Is it possible to separate test plans into their own unique tab, as opposed to lumping them into the Test Run & Results tab.

Im ok with creating test plans for various projects, pulling in the various test suites i need, but as It stands at the moment it is very difficult to identify a plan I have created for a project (apart from the 1 vs 3 yellow blocks).


just to clarify my logic and QA process:

Create Test Suite 1-10
Create Test Plan A, includes Suite 1, 2, 5 and 10
Execute Test Run on SW ver 1.1 using Plan A
Execute Test Run on SW ver 1.2 using Plan A


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback. While it’s unlikely that we will add a new top level tab for test plans to the main menu, adding a filtering option to the Test Result tab could be an alternative that we will consider. Adding a filter would make it easier to see just the test plans on the overview page then.



Ok, thanks for replying and taking onboard feedback :slight_smile: