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Separate test steps question on passing results


I setup my project to use multiple test steps. My guess is we will never have more than about 40 - 50% of our test cases with multiple steps. My question is even when we have just one test step it seems in the result I need to pass both the step and the test case.

In the case of a test step fail it defaults the test case to fail but if all test steps pass the case is not set or in reverse for a single test step test case if I pass the test case can my step also pass?

This just means for half of our (what will be 1000’s) of test cases I need an extra click to pass the step and the case. For multiple step cases I think it behaves as I would expect



Thanks for your posting. The Passed status is actually the default status for the Add Test Result dialog so you would only need to change the status of the step and can then press or the Add Test Result button to submit the result. Would this work for you?