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Send report link


Is there any way to send the report link to any user without testrail access?


Hi Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Accessing a report in TestRail requires a TestRail user account (e.g. to enforce user access & permissions) but you can send the report directly via email (as attachment) and there’s a separate configuration option for this on the report form:

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias, I would like to add one more question to you that would it be possible to generate and send report automatically from TestRail using TestRail API once the Automation execution is done?

Instead of sending the execution report manually to email, we should be able to send the execution report automatically as soon as the automation execution is done. I would like to create automation script for doing this.

I am waiting and expecting your great replies.

Ali Azam


Hi Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Triggering a report via the API is currently not something that’s supported but we already have this on our feature request list. Happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback! You can tell TestRail to create reports automatically based on a custom schedule (e.g. daily or weekly):



Hi Tobias,
Triggering a report via the API was suppose to be implemented in future when we checked with you last year. Please let me know if it has already been implemented.