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Selecting Test suite easier


I like to be able to select Test Suites easier and faster for Test Plans.

Currently, I need to use the drop down menu for selecting Test suite for Test plans. This is a slow process when I have lots of test suites to include in a test plan. It would be nice to have a window with list with check boxes same as the interface for selecting test cases for test runs.


+1 :slight_smile:


Hello you two,

Thanks for your postings. Yes, this is already on our list to look into and the selection can certainly be improved (maybe even in combination with filter support). In an earlier version of TestRail, the test suites were displayed in the sidebar and you just had to click on the test suite to add it the test plan but this wasn’t really practical either with lots of test suites. We usually recommend using just a few test suites per project and it can even make sense to use a single test suite for an entire project.

Please let me know in case you have any further questions or feedback.