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Selecting test cases in Configurations doesn't show cases for the Run



I’ve created a Test Run with 20 test cases and 9 different configurations.

By default Test Rail configuration inherit the Test Cases ‘As Above’ (all good so far)

However when I attempt to select specific Test Cases for the particular configuration (‘Select’) the Test Cases in the Select Cases window are not ticked. I have to go back and find the individual test cases and tick them again.

Any reason for this?


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail will restore the current case selection when opening this dialog and this may be empty if you haven’t selected any cases for a configuration. So, the dialog is opened with the selection of the current configuration (which may be case A, B, C for configuration 1 and B, C, D, E for configuration 2, for example). TestRail will remember the configured sidebar filter if any, so it would be possible to reuse the same filter across multiple configurations.