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Selecting test cases for different configurations


When you create a test suite in a test plan and select your test cases, you can then select the configurations you want applied. You can select all the test cases against each configuration that you picked, ALL test cases in the suite OR you can select specific test cases for a config. My issue is that once you have selected a subset of tests for the suite, when you then add a config you cannot select a subset of that set - you have to select from the entire suite again which might have been a time consuming exercise in the first place to select the original list from which you want to further select tests for a specific config.


Hello Irene,

You can select the test cases for the entire suite or override this for each configuration. Currently TestRail doesn’t use the global selection as a starting point for the configurations but I agree that this would make sense and we are happy to review this for an update.



Fantastic thanks, we often find as our test suites grow, it can be quite time consuming to pick tests. Then we look at the configs and we do have quite a few variations sometimes, and if we say add a config and only want to do a subset of the original set of tests selected we can’t.