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Selecting test cases for a test run - Can I show all cases?



My company just upgraded to testrail 4.0.3. Prior to testrail 4, when selecting test cases for a test run, you would see a list of all test cases. Now it seems to only show test cases per section. Is there any way to change this view? This is a blocker for my company, and we will need to roll back if we cannot see a list of all test cases when putting together a test run.

Also, prior to testrail 4, you could do a column sort when selecting test cases for a test run. This does not look possible anymore. Is there a way to enable this?





Thanks a lot for the feedback. The big issue with the old approach was that it didn’t scale well for larger projects. Showing thousands of test cases at once would slow down modern browsers or even lead to crashes. Because of this we spent a lot of time redesigning both the test case selection as well as the Copy/Move dialog and add better support for sections.

Please note that you can still select individual test cases simply by selecting the sections in the sidebar. You would also be able to see exactly which sections have test cases selected.

We will make sure to look into the sorting/grouping options for the dialog as well, but the filters (and new selection modes) would already allow you to select test cases based on their attributes.