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Select Test Cases from all Test Suites in a Project


I’d like to know if there’s a way to select test cases from any of the test suites under a project when creating or editing a test run.

i.e. I want a single test run that has a combination of test cases from multiple test suites.

I know I can copy test cases between test suites but I don’t want to have to update multiple test cases with the same information if I need to update.

Any info would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello Adam,

Thanks for your posting. A test run is currently always linked to a single test suite so combining multiple test suites into a single test run is not supported. You can either use test plans (Test Runs & Results > Add Test Plan) to create multiple test runs at once (for the same/different test suite). Or, you could look into combining your test suites into fewer/a single test suite.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



I also have the same request as Adam. I’d like the ability to select Test Cases from any Suite to build Test Runs.

Is there a way that I can combine all of the Test Cases from the Test Suites that I have already created into one catch-all Suite?


Yes. You can use the move/copy function to move or copy the entire contents of one Test Suite from any project into another.


Hello Becky,

Yes, there is. You can use the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog to move your test cases and sections from one test suite to another (as Jan already mentioned, thank you!).

To do this, just go to the target test suite (that should be the combined test suite) and open the dialog (the icon with two sheets of paper in the toolbar). You can then select the source test suite as well as the test cases and sections to move. You can repeat this step until you have moved all test cases to your single test suite.

Please note that moving test cases will affect open test runs as this will remove the related test and test results from those test runs. To prevent this and archive your test results, please close your active test runs & test plans first (please note that you cannot undo closing a test run/plan though).



Thank you for your help; I was able to move all the test cases that I wrote into one new suite. Unfortunately none of the steps in any of the test cases were copied into my new suite. The only thing that was copied over was the Preconditions field. Also I’ll have to go through all each of the suites and edit all of the links to another test case to the updated case number :confused:

Is it possible that I messed up something while copying the test cases over that made it so all the steps were missed?

The steps that I took were:

  1. Created a New Project
  2. Created 1 Suite
  3. Clicked the “Copy or move sections and Test Cases…” icon (open the dialog (the icon with two sheets of paper in the toolbar))
  4. Selected the Source from that pulldown menu.
  5. Clicked ‘Select All’
  6. Clicked “Copy”
  7. Then I renamed all of the sections
    Then I checked the Admin/Customizations to see if I needed to setup the individual steps for the new project, but it looks like that is universal. Is that correct?


Hello Becky,

Please make sure that the Steps custom field is enabled for the new project. You can do this in the administration area under Administration > Customizations > Case Fields > edit. In the project list above the Save Field button, you can see the projects this custom field applies to. It’s likely that your project is not included in this list. The easiest way to enable the custom field for your new project is to choose the option “These options apply to all projects”.

Regarding the IDs: if you move the test cases instead of copying (Move button on the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog), the IDs are not changed and you don’t need to update your test cases.

I would also recommend making a fresh backup of your database before making further changes, just in case.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



I got it working! Thanks so much for your quick response and help!

Now is there a way that I can delete those 2 old projects that I won’t be using anymore?


Hello Becky,

Great to hear that it’s working now. Yes, you can delete your old projects in the administration area under Administration > Projects. You should see a delete icon on the right in the projects table for each project. Please note that deleting a project cannot be undone, so please double-check before confirming the delete operation.

Just let me know in case there’s anything else I can help with.



Great, found it. Thanks again!