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Select Configurations - options to move up/down



First I would like to report an error that I’m getting when adding new configuration.


  1. I was adding Firefox 3.6 to my Configurations group of Web Browsers
  2. I got an Error pop-up
    "An error occurred during the last operation. Please try again or refresh the current page."
  • click ‘Ok’ on that and tried again. It always work on the second try.

Same problem when I was adding more operating systems to my configurations.

Could we add the option to move a configuration up or down
What I meant by that is for instance I have a list of browsers but I want to make sure that
the latest version of IE is always on top like
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 8

but depending on which one was created last it would be in this order
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9



Hello Roy,

which version of TestRail do you use (the version can be found in the admin area or the about dialog under Help)? Do you have an error in the error log (also in the admin area)?

Thanks for the suggestion with the ordering. There’s currently no support for this (configurations are always ordered by their names in the current version), but I’ve added it to our feature request list. Thanks!