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Select and configure Table columns for all users?


It seems that by default, TestRuns show ‘Assigned To’ and "Status’ as the default column. Each user has to click on ‘select and configure table columns’ to make other columns appear.

As an administrator, is is possible to specify what columns should appear for all users? Is it possible to use some UI script? If so, can send a sample UI script? I just need to expose the ‘Defects’ column.




Hello Ali,

This is currently not supported unfortunately (neither via the UI or via UI scripts). That said, this is already on our todo list. It may make sense to provide a check box/option on the Select Columns dialog to apply the configured settings to all users (e.g. only available as an administrator) and we will look into it.




Is it still in your backlog? This feature make sense for us too…


Hello @sfournier,

Currently the columns cannot be configured for users/projects globally, but I agree that this would be useful to have and it still on our feature request list. I appreciate the feedback on this!


I can use this feature.



Thanks for your feedback, Albert :slight_smile: I added one more vote to this feature request.



Hello, I would also like to add one more vote for this feature request.


I would like to know if this feature will be in one of the next Testrail Updates maybe? I would be nice if you could also configure the columns in the test suite view for all users.


+1 for this feature. It would be a nice enhancement.