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Segmentation Fault (11)


Hi there

I prepared a SUSE Linux 12 SP2 Server to run TestRail this morning following your online Guide for Linux. Everyting works as expected and the info.php tells me all extensions are available. However when I try to start the Installation its redirecting me to /testrail/index.php and the connection gets lost and I find a an exit signal segmentation fault (11) in my Apache 2.4 error Log.

I tried to disable ioncube (which I installed by following their wizard) and testrail showed a page which told me that ioncube is missing, which was totally correct at this point. For me it looks like there is some sort of problem as soon as I enable ioncube.

The Apache 2.4 configuration itself is completely default and as mentioned the info.php and ioncube wizard pages where reachable fine.

Thx for your help




Hi Dominique,

Thank you for your post. I believe you opened a support request for this. I have gone ahead and responded to that request.

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team