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See a list of all test runs containing a given test case



I have performed a few different searches and checked several previous threads; If my question has been asked/addressed before, I apologize.

My company is in the process of auditing old test cases that provide redundant coverage. I am going through all test cases in a suite and verifying whether or not they have been included in a specific test plan – in particular, two test runs within that plan.

I do this through a painstaking process of hitting Ctrl/Cmd+F in two different exported CSV files (one for each test run of interest). The worry we have is: What if I find no match in either test run I am looking at, but the test case IS, in fact, included in some other test run and providing coverage?

I want to know if there is an easy way (besides looking at the history of each test case, as that is simply a waste of so much time) to find a list of all test runs in which a given test case ID is included.

Thank you,


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, there’s an easier way to do this and you can use the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab in this case. You can simply select the suite to check and configure the test run scope (e.g., select test runs or an entire plan/milestone) and TestRail generates a full coverage report for your cases. By default, this includes the results per case and test run but also the overall coverage (most recent result). If the latest/coverage column is empty, this means that a case is not included in any of the test runs:

I hope this helps!