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Sections management - difficult


When the list of test cases is very long (e.g. 1000) it is very difficult to change the section of specific set of test cases.



could you provide me with some more details on why it’s difficult to drag&drop cases in a large suite? Is it too slow for you? Is the distance to drag too large? Or is the scroll speed to slow? Also, could you let me know which browser and version you are using? We noticed big differences in Javascript speeds between browsers so this would help us reproduce the issue. Thanks a lot!



Browser: Firefox 3.5.5
Problem nature is twofold:

  • the distance is to large,
  • scroll speed is so slow that the only way of doing it is to hold an item (left click) + use scrollwheel at the same time (it is not very convenient).


Thanks for the additional feedback.

Yes, this is certainly something we can improve. We already experimented with the idea of letting cases/sections drop into the section tree in the sidebar on the right in addition to the current behavior (and always displaying this tree when dragging so that it doesn’t disappear when scrolling down). We’ll investigate this further.

We noticed that the scroll speed differs across the different browsers a bit, but we felt Firefox was fine in our tests. However, we will check that again and might increase the scroll speed. We will also check if this is a computer-dependent behavior (i.e. if it scrolls faster on fast machines and vice versa).

Kind regards,