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Sections filter on testRuns tabs is not expandable


The sections filter on the test runs tab does not appear to be expandable. If I have long names that only differ in the last characters I cannot see them to select the correct one. See image attached.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your feedback! The latest version increased the width/size of the filter windows a bit but we will make sure to look into making this more flexible in the future. Do you maybe have the option to use the short format of the namespaces as a workaround in the meantime (similar to some logging libraries would format the namespace, for example: c.g.d.acceptance…)?



We have the same complaint in our company. Our test leads are not able to do proper filter selection.

When creating a report, user can select Test Runs based on Filter selection.
Test Run Selection GUI does not allow moving the pane division to allow seeing filter selection items full string. See picture attached.

I have reported this bug to Gurock back in August and have not heard any update.
Adding my bug report to the forum, so hopefully other will join me on this request.



Hi Márcio,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m sure we responded to your feature request/email in August. It’s definitely still planned to look into this and changing the width of the sidebar or supporting different ways of showing very long test plan name would be great to have.



Hi Tobias, any update on fixing this UI bug/limitation? Thanks, Márcio


Hi Marcio,

Unfortunately not at this point but it’s still on our list. The sidebar in the dialog currently has a fixed width. This is usually only an issue if multiple plans of the same group start with the same letters but I understand that changing the sidebar width or showing a hint would be better.