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Sections and Sub-Sections removed from Test suites and Cases


I had organized all the test cases in Sections and Sub-Sections in the Test Suites and Cases Tab. After the UI was updated, the sections and subsections are removed. Additionally, I am unable to create any new sections and sub-sections.

Is this an issue/Bug?


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Same problem faced today, start creation section and can’t remove it.

What is going on with this?? Any update? Why can’t we see sections and sub-sections in the right-hand panel anymore?? The lack of being able to see sections in the right-hand panel is killing our team productivity. If this can’t be fixed we may have to migrate our entire suite to another tool.

Cloud or Server version? I am on the latest server version and have no issues seeing sections and subsections in the right. I am going to say it is a setting issue somewhere, especially if this is a server install.


Not sure what type it is. But they used to be there and then one day a few weeks back, they just disappeared. I’ll escalate the issue to a different team that I think manages this stuff.

Thanks robertabe, Yesterday, all the sections were available, and this morning, all the sections are missing. It’s interesting that there is a reference to how many sections and how many test cases are in a particular test suite. So, that’s promising, that these things are not all lost

I sure hope so. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! Thanks for reporting this. I’d like to submit a bug report to our team for this as soon as possible. Everyone who is experiencing this issue - please send an email to with system details, such as TestRail Version, URL (if using TestRail Cloud), server information (OS, PHP version, etc. if using TestRail Server) and any potential replication steps.