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Section wise Test Status Report

Hi there,

Looking for a report in Testrail which would give me the current status of test cases grouped according to the section/sub-section.
Say a test run has 4 sections - S1, S2, S3, S4… Report should look something like attached.


Any pointers pls…


Hi DTest,

Thanks for your post! Currently, TestRail’s built-in reports wouldn’t have an option for breaking down all statistics by section. There are a couple of ways to retrieve the data you need, however:

You can export a test run or plan into CSV and include the section details. This would then allow you to quickly create a Pivot Table or other report using the exported data. This may be the most direct approach since you can quickly export only the data needed.

You can also use TestRail’s API to collect your results, sections, and other testing data. This may be a more complex approach, as this would require scripting multiple API calls to collect the data. However, once you have this implemented, you could generate data at any time.

With TestRail Server, it would be possible to build your own custom reports if this is what your team needs, and you would need some development experience for this. If you’re interested in this option you can learn more about this on our website here:

I hope this helps!

Thanks Jon. Pivot table option helped!

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