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Section/Subsection vs Group/Subgroup



was wondering whether there is a reason that there are two different concepts in the test case view.

On the left side there are section and subsection. On the right side one can add a section, but filter groups

I know this is a bit nitpicking, but I get this question everytime I present this view to a new person :wink:


Hello Andreas,

Thank for your posting. There’s actually a reason for that :slight_smile: The term group/subgroup is a bit more generic and not only applies to sections but also if you group your cases by a different attribute (such as Priority, Type, or a custom field). Add Section/Add Subsection would only apply to actual sections.



ahhhh… i see. Changing the sorting changes also the groups. Ha - and again learned something new :slightly_smiling:



Glad to help :slightly_smiling: