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Section structure is not properly visible


While tossing with demo account I have noticed that my test cases structure (sections) is no longer visible: only one group is shown which is called Test Cases (i don’t have such group at all). Could you, please, have a look at it:
Notice, that sections’ header says that there are 6 sections and 1 test case, however, the sections are not visible.



Thanks for your posting. You have probably changed the sorting/grouping of the cases. You should see a red X icon next to a column header which you can click to reset the grouping to the standard behavior.

(note the Assigned To column with the red X)

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Hi Tobias,

Just as an FYI - sometimes the red cross is not visible either due to:

a) Too many columns on a given page / columns not sized wide enough to show the cross
b) Columns removed from the page that were being used to sort the list

The workaround is to click another field heading (e.g. Title) to force the sorting on that field, and then click the red X icon.




So glad you addressed this issue, was driving me crazy why I couldn’t find Add subsection.


Hey Julie,

Glad this worked for you! :slight_smile: