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Section id numbers



Would it be possible to add the id of each section in a suite to the /index.php?/suites/view/nnn page?



This can be done using the following jquery custom script

[code]name: Section ID Numbers
description: Appends section id numbers to suite sections
author: Matt Horrocks
version: 1.0
includes: ^suites/view

(document).ready( function() { (“span:visible[id*=‘sectionName-’]”).each(function() {
var element = (this).attr('id').split("-"); (this).append(" ("+element[1]+")");

div.some-class {


Hello Matt,

Thanks for your posting and sorry for the late response. Displaying the section ID is not directly supported as an option in TestRail currently but the UI script is a good idea. Please note that the HTML for the section names may change slightly with the upcoming TestRail 2.5 release. Just let us know when you update to the new version (will be available this month) and we will update the UI script accordingly, if needed.




I’m using testrail v4.2.0.3312. Is there some way to know the section id ? I need that number to retrieve the cases for a specific section using the testrail api.

GET index.php?/api/v2/get_cases/:project_id \