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Section filter will not show the test cases added after setting a filter on a particular section

  1. Create a Test Suite
  2. Add Sections and Test cases in them
  3. Create a Test Run with a section filter.
  4. Add a new test case to the filtered section
  5. Refresh the Test Run and look for the new test case

Expected :slight_smile: : I will expect newly added test case in the Test Run

TestRail doe not support this feature :frowning:

Why should new test case show up in the Test Run?
I applied for a section and any test cases under the section should reflect in the Test Run irrespective of when I add it.
You can expect a QA to write all test cases prior to set the TestRun.
In Agile world, stories are developed at different timelines and cannot create test cases all together.

Team, let me know your comments please!