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Searching through all test cases in all test suites


HI TestRail Team!

Is it possible to search through all test cases from all test suites within a given project, and to have the output include the test suite, section, and subsections that the test suites are found in?

Also, is it possible to have an enhancement on the global search, so as to include filters, just like the filter system that is included in the Test Suite views?




Hi Daniel,

The filter on the test suite/case repository can be used for this:

This requires a search/filtering per test suite but the filter is stored/remembered and you would only need to open the test suite. In general, we can recommend using just a single test suite and organizing/grouping cases with just sections and sub-sections. TR 4.0 even introduced a single-suite mode (now the default) for this and a single suite makes search cases as well as creating runs & reports for the entire case repository much simpler:



In our case, we do not use a single repository, so using this option is not viable for us. We’re currently on the multiple test suite option for our projects.

That being said, is it even possible to search through all test suites, and to have a breakdown, similar to a test suite filter, but to add 1 higher level, which would be the test suite? Conceptually, it would be simple, but I’m not sure if this is a viable option for you to add as a new feature, and I leave that to you to respond to.



Hi Daniel,

The filter/extended search is only available on the test suite/case repository. There’s a general search via the search box at the top of the screen but this is a text search only and doesn’t let you filter for select attributes. I would recommend setting a filter in a test suite and then go through your test suites one by one (the filter is automatically stored and applied).



Unfortunately, we had decided to separate all of our test cases by feature, and had opted to use the test suite as the level of grouping. That being said, we have quite A LOT of test suites to perform batch operations in.

Would a global filtering system which includes test suites be a design possibility for future versions of TestRail (without incurring a lot of dev time), let alone feasible?



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your feedback. There are currently no plans to support the same filtering system one level higher but it would be possible to switch to a single-suite system and this would be our recommendation (please make sure to close all active runs/plans before moving test cases). You can also try out the single-suite mode with a test project first to see if this would work for you.



Hi, I’ve only managed to come back to this theme now as things have gotten rather busy.

I’ve managed to create a test project where I have a single test suite, and I believe that this would help us greatly.

Would there be a way to migrate all test suites into one big one?

We have 292 test suites and 18387 cases in our project, and I just wanted to know if there was a way to make a bulk collapse of the test suites into major sections of one big, compiled test suite.

Essentially, the test suite itself would become a top level section, and the inner sections of each test suite would then become a subsection of the main section that was the test suite.

Please let me know if such a feature exists, and if not, maybe a fancy db query could do that for me?

Let me know, as I want to avoid having to move the test cases of 292 test suites into one big test suite for the new project setup

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Daniel,

It is possible to migrate a multi-level suite project to a single test suite but this is a manual process. The idea is to add new empty test suite and the move over the cases from the other suites (you can add additional sections and sub-sections as you see fit). Please note that moving cases will also remove all tests & results in active test runs and we recommend looking into closing test runs & plans (to archive them):

Once you’ve moved all cases to the new suite, you need to remove all other/empty test suites and you can switch your project to the single-suite mode on Administration > Projects > edit the project.



I also would like to see search option by Project. Including all the tests in one Project also means when we create a sprint the overall Project name reflects in the sprint and that is not what we want to display. We are using Milestone for the actual sprint name though.



Thanks for your reply! We would generally always recommend using a single test case repository instead of multiple test suites as this makes it easier to search/filter throughout your project. You can also enable and use the Milestone field under Administration > Customizations to also use this for filtering your tests/test cases if needed. Hope this helps!