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Searches are very slow


Recently we’ve been seeing that searches on our local TestRail installation have been very slow, in the realm of minutes to execute. I don’t feel that this is due to load, since an individual search is slow even at night. However we do have large suites, and we have even larger sets of run results, surpassing half a million results now.

Beyond searches, navigation, reports and every other screen works fine.

We have a Windows installation with MySQL. Are there any specific settings or changes you might recommend for this very specific issue?


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, the search can be slow for very large TestRail installations and it is planned to improve this. The search is currently a simple SQL based search and we would like to change this to an attribute- and index-based search for one of the next versions. There are a few things you can optimize for a MySQL installation and we have an optimization guide available here:



Milestone (Summary) report keeps crashing on all the browsers, stops loading some javascript. Please fix it.


Hello Vlad,

Thanks for your posting. Could you please send a screenshot of the report options you selected for the report to our help desk?

The issue is probably that you selected the “Maximum number of tests to display: All” option and this may be too much to display for some browsers, e.g. if your milestone is very large.