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Search via Username/ Creatername for Testrun


Hi all,
is there some how a possibility to get a list of all testrun shown via search for one user how created this test run?

In there are some keys to user under:
Advanced search options like R + TestrunID for the Testruns displayed?

Best Regards,


Hello Robert,

Thanks for your posting! You can see the creator (and also group by this attribute) on the Test Runs & Results overview page. The grouping option can be found in the sidebar on the right and the creator is also shown as part of the run list for active runs.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

yes it helps me to get active runs but if we have a automated test run done we close them automatically as well. The grouping option doesn´t show me the close test runs for this user.
I tried to use the search box as well but the performance is to low.
And it takes too long if I search with a creator name.

Maybe there is a easier way of doing this.

BTW: Are you doing anything to increase the search performance?

Best regards,


Thanks, Robert!

The Summary > Runs report from the reports tab supports filtering and searching for test runs and this could be an alternative:

(this dialog opens via the Add Test Runs link on the report form under Test Runs)

It’s also planned to add a similar filter & search feature directly to the Test Runs & Results overview page and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request.