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Search Results - add ability to preview and edit


When I get search results I would like to view and/or edit the test cases.
The folder view has these fuctions available by clicking the > and pencil icons.


Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting! You can simply open the case by clicking on the link in the result list (e.g. in a new tab) and then press e or the Edit button to edit the case.



I am also interested in this possibility.
It would be great to have opportunity to preview found test cases in search results, but not open each test case.
When I work with hundreds search results it is very inconveniently open each test case for details.
Is it possible to add “>” arrow and Edit functionalities in search results?
Also selecting of test cases would be very convenient, for example, I found 20 test cases, select them all and delete/ move them right from search.



Hi Katsiaryna

Thanks for your feedback. Sure, we do have plans to improve the search functionality overall and I’ve added this feedback to the request as well. Happy to review this for a future update.