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Search for TestRun ( Closed /Open)


we are using testruns for mobile applicatio regression testing . we got many test runs and to check older test runs do we have any Chances of getting search for closed and opened test runs.

VoxValley Technologies


Hello Veerendra,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, a search/filtering on the Test Runs & Results page is planned and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. You can already browse through your run history via the pagination features on this page but we understand that a search is better, of course. If you know the milestone or suite you are looking for, you can also find the runs/plans directly on the respective milestone or suite pages to narrow down your search.



Please add my vote to this feature. Presently we name our Test Runs according to the target build version. It would be nice to search for a build version in all projects and find Test Runs which apply. Thanks


Hello Seth,

Happy to add another vote!

If you also use milestones to group your runs, you can also quickly find test runs via the milestone pages.