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Search for Testcases with Attachments


Is there a way to search for testcases with attachments?
Can I show an icon in the list view of testcases that indicates it has an attachment?


Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for your posting. That’s currently not supported unfortunately and you would need to open the test cases to find out if they have attachments. I can see why this would be useful though and we’re happy to add this to our feature request list, thanks for the suggestion!



Thank-you for the information. This is something that we would like to see in the future.


We will make sure to look into this, thanks again for your feedback on this!



I’m currently exporting - importing test cases from the web version of testrail to a self-hosted version.
One of the problems with importing test cases is that the attachments aren’t imported.

Is there a one-off way to identify any test cases that have attachments in the web version so I can manually copy the file over?


Hello Margaret,

Thanks for your posting! For migrating from TestRail Cloud to a self-hosted installation, you can download a full dump under Administration > Subscription which you can restore locally:

This dump contains a full dump of the database (in MySQL and SQL Server format) as well as all reports and attachments you generated/uploaded. You can follow the instructions above to restore the dump/reports/attachments locally and this results in an exact copy of your TestRail Cloud instance.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

What about exporting the attachment together with the test case? Currently when we export the test case into excel or CSV file, the attachment will show in this format --> ![(index.php?/attachments/get/10430). This will normally cause more effort to us as we need to re-attach it.




For a full migration of the entire database between two servers (e.g. TestRail Cloud -> self-hosted installation or vice versa), we can recommend using the dump you can download under Administration > Subscription. This would be a full dump of the database and also includes additional artifacts such as uploaded attachments or generated reports.

If you want to copy cases within the same TestRail instance, I can recommend the Copy Cases dialog which is available via the icon with two sheets of paper when viewing a case repository. The dialog looks as follows:

The Inline attachments/screenshots you mentioned automatically work within the same TestRail instance as long as a user account has access to the project the attachments/screenshots were added to (so there’s no need to re-attach the images).